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South Baylo Univ.
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Founder of Wilshire Care Medical Center
- Dr. Chung is a clinic administrator for
Wilshire Care Medical Center.
He welcomes every person with respect and treats each patient with the courtesy for the better of the community.
Wilshire Care Medical Center provides services for pain treatment, internal medical problems, acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic, diet and skin care. Dr. Chung specializes in acute and chronic pain. He is recognized for his ability to leviate management of the clinic as well as focus on each patient seeking his medical attention.

In 1994, Doctor Kim was appointed to the Acupuncture Board member of the State of California by the Governor.
As a result of his continued efforts on this board, Dr. Kim became and served as the chairman of CA Acupuncture board from 1999 - 2000. He has made great strides in gaining acceptance for Oriental medicine in the more conventional Western medical community, to the benefit of the general public in California.
In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Kim is dedicated to enriching his community and the lives of his patients and friends by offering Qi-Gong (breathing technique exercises) instruction several times each week. Besides these instructional classes, Dr. Kim has been instrumental in organizing retreats to Sedona, Arizona, where a typical day includes Qi-Gong, Sweet Lodge and seminars lead by local guides. Throughout these retreats, Dr. Kim's emphasis is on awakening and harmonize own energy(Small universe) between the nature(Big universe)

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