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Eight Rules in Improving Health after Waking Up
Listed : [2001-07-11, 11:44:05]
Improving health starts immediately upon awakening in the morning. When people are just waking up in the morning, their minds and muscles gradually begin to tense up from the relaxed state. The eight rules introduced here are very beneficial and effective in order to improve and maintain a healthy life.

1. Roll your eyeballs slowly left to right and then up and down. Repeat 10 times. This method improves the function of the optic nerve, reinforces the vision, and prevents eye diseases.

2. While pressing your ears with the palms of your hands, tap your skull lightly with your fingers except with the thumbs and little fingers. Tap so that you can hear the tapping sound. Repeat three to four times. This resolves tiredness, prevents dizziness, and treats ringing in the ears.

3. While lying on your stomach, stretch out your arms and legs and put them together. Then, stand on your toes as you lift your hip. This will look like a cat stretch. Relax your hip back to its comfortable position. Repeat this several times. This trains your back, limbs, muscles, and joints. This exercise also promotes the circulation of blood and prevents backaches.

4. Keep your lips tightly shut, and bump your teeth together about 36 times. Lick your upper gum a couple times. This promotes improved blood circulation in the mouth, teeth and gums, and increases salivation, which clears the bacteria in the mouth and increases the ability to fight decadent bacteria. Mastication ability also improves.

5. Lie down straight on your back and perform abdominal breathing. As you inhale deeply, push the abdomen firmly with your hands. Return abdomen to normal as you exhale. Repeat about 10 times. This strengthens the elasticity of abdominal muscles and their functions. This effectively prevents the sagging of abdominal muscles, stops fat being piled up in the stomach, and increases the digestive absorption.

6. Concentrate and repeat closing and opening the anus about 10 times. This strengthens the ability of the anal sphincter, improves the circulation of blood around the anus, and prevents the prolapse of the anus and hemorrhoids.

7. Using your fingers, comb about 30 to 40 times from the forehead to back of your head, from both temples to the crown of your head. This improves the blood circulation to the hair root, improves nutritional conditions, decreases the depilation and the gray hair, and promotes shiny hair. In addition, this exercise clears the head, and lowers blood pressure.

8. People often rub their eyes with the back of their hands as a habit when they are not fully awakened. This helps clear the head, but massaging the face or chin after rubbing the eyes is more effective.

The best method of massaging the face is rubbing the side of your nose several times using your middle fingers. After that, rub towards the forehead and rub down on the chin. Stop rubbing at the temples. Repeat about 20 times. This accelerates the circulation of blood in the face, and improves the facial skin's ability to resist the cold. This also clears the head and improves the ability to prevent the cold. This exercise, if done consistently, reduces wrinkles on the face to maintain its youthfulness.
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