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How Are Your Teeth?
Listed : [2001-07-11, 01:37:41]
Teeth are the first digestive system that food goes through. If teeth become loose from the gums or have cavity, appetite is lost due to pain while chewing. Furthermore, fatigue is most likely to be experienced from the pain. What is more important to the body than eating well and digesting properly? This is the reason teeth, in Asian cultures, are the roots of fortune.

Here, we will see the dietary treatments to strengthen teeth, to prevent cavities, and to whiten teeth. It is considered wise if you can keep the root of fortune in a good condition!

A. This dietary treatment is recommended for loose teeth caused by weak gums or roots.

1. Drink black tea or green tea once or twice a day. Rinse mouth with tea frequently. Researchers have found that the fluorine ingredient of the tealeaf prevents cavities. Thus, drinking and rinsing the mouth frequently with this tea strengthens the teeth. It also clears food particles or tartar between the teeth.

2. Boil the resin from the tea in a thin cloth. If you keep boiling, the resin will float on the water. Take the floating resin and put them in cold water. After they are solidified, grind them into a fine powder as you mix it with Fuling. Rub or brush the teeth with this powder. This strengthens the teeth and gives a healthy complexion of the face. Therefore, this is also used to prevent aging of facial skin.

B. Whitening Teeth

1. Prepare fresh lettuce and mix it with salt. Chew it well while mixing it with saliva. Keep in the mouth for a long time before swallowing. If you do this everyday, your teeth will whiten. Grind well-dried lettuce into a fine powder and mix it with salt. Using this as toothpaste brings the same result. This not only whitens teeth, but eliminates tartar as well. This method is very effective for whitening yellow or dark teeth.

2. Steep out any kind of tealeaf in boiling water and rinse mouth after meals. This clears food particles in the gums and the microscopic layer of food particles on the surface of the teeth. This refreshes the mouth and keeps it clean.

3. Crush 0.04 lb. of roasted salt, and 0.11 lb. of apricot seeds (soak in boiling water, peel off skin, and get rid of the sharp edges at the end), and make it like syrup or adhesive plasters. Using this as toothpaste whitens yellow or dark teeth.

4. Rinse the mouth several times a day with the 20% saline solution. Brushing teeth with roasted salt every morning and night keeps the teeth clean, whitens the teeth, and prevents oral diseases. This is efficient to treat gum bleeding and swelling, or it can be simply be used to keep the mouth clean.

C. Dietary Treatment for Decayed Tooth

Decayed tooth results from certain types of food, nutrition, and health. Carelessness of oral health and bad brushing habit leaves food particles in the mouth. This creates an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. As a result, the teeth decay and damage. If sweet food is decomposed and its element coats the teeth, darkish tartar becomes prominent. Bacteria begin to grow and acid is formed. The acid decays the surface of the teeth. If this progresses gradually, nerves of the root will be affected. Lack of calcium also aids the formation of tartar, thus reducing the quality of teeth.

Vitamin D helps the body ingest calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin A increases the antibacterial ability of the mucous of the teeth. Fluorine is necessary for oral health, and lack of fluorine causes a tooth to decay.

Therefore, we need to eat food containing plenty of vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin A such as milk, liver, egg, meat, tofu, fish, shrimp shell, spinach, carrot, sweet potato, persimmon, and apple. Fish, shrimp, seaweed, and crab provide fluorine.

1. Crush 10 roots of leek and 20 grains of pepper. Mix it with sesame oil. Paste the mixture on a thin towel and cover the cheek of the side of the toothache. A few repetition of this treatment will stop the pain.

2. Dry eggplant flower and burn it into ash. Rub the ash on the affected area. Or, crush the root of eggplant and rub the extract frequently on the affected area. Burn the stem of eggplant and rub on the area. Or, mix the same amount of Xixin with this and rub around the decayed tooth. Use golden eggplants.

3. Crush finely into powder the appropriate amount of Yiyiren and Jieyeng, and paste it on the hole of the decayed tooth. Take this with an external application for a better result.
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