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Burp Attack
Listed : [2001-07-18, 12:35:02]
Bad Stomach and Intestines Make You Burp

Oriental medicine explains the cause of burping as a problem in the stomach and intestines. The stomach and intestines receive food and send it down after digestion. If something causes this system to fail, the energy, or ¡°qi¡±, which should flow downward will flow upstream. Burping is developed from this abnormal energy flow. What causes the digestive system to fail its functions? Oriental medicine divides the causes into three categories.

First, Accumulation of Food

This is usually called ¡°attack of indigestion¡±. It is developed from careless ingestion. Symptoms include the inability to digest, foul smell of burp, inconsistent burping, and dull burping sound. Patient also has the urge to vomit, feels heavy in the chest, especially in sternum region, or loses appetite. The smell of stool is bad and the patient may experience constipation.

In western medicine, since the food cannot stay in the stomach and intestines for a long period of time, the attack of indigestion is not considered a disease unless it is acute. On the other hand, oriental medicine believes that the attack of indigestion remains in the stomach and intestines and continues to hinder the normal flow of ¡°qi¡±. If this persists for long time, it becomes a disease in the digestive system.

Second, Accumulation of Liver Energy Violates the Stomach and Intestines

When a person is angry and cannot control his or her emotion, the energy of liver, which is to expand and diffuse, is blocked, causing its energy to accumulate. The accumulation of liver energy violates the digestive system. In this case, observe the state of emotions first. If there is a problem with the emotion, while burping at the same time, it is better to control the emotion before attempting any treatment.

Its symptoms include frequent burps, high-pitched burping sound, heavy sensation in the chest, and uncomfortable or painful sensation in the sides of the chest.

d, Digestive System Weakened due to Other Diseases

The spleen and the stomach are weak. Those who often complain of indigestion or loss of appetite fall under this category. If the patient is rather skinny and the complexion is yellowish or pale, check for weak digestive system.

In this case, the sound of burp is low, weak, and continuous. Also, he or she has signs of constipation.
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