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Low Back Pain
Listed : [2001-10-09, 09:16:41]
Low Back Pain

By: Shmuel Halevi Ph.D

Low back pain is another affliction that a vast proportion of the world's population suffer from, and that Chinese acupuncture is probably the best cure for. The main advice here is therefore, to go visit a Chinese doctor as soon as this problem appears, and the sooner the better.

Still, there are few things that one should pay attention to:




Behavioral - A person who tends to suffer from low back pain should make regular exercise, preferably a mild and non-violent type, such as Tai-Chi, Yoga and the like. There is an excellent set of exercise, which can be done as a preventative, first thing in the morning, and always after a hard work or physical exertion. This exercise takes only 5 minutes, and is really worth the while.

Lay prone on a hard surface such as a thin carpet, with your knees bent like in the picture:

Now press your sacrum (tail bone) down to the floor several times, and then lift your pelvis with your knees bent to your chest several times. You have to lift your pelvis just a little bit from the floor, do not roll over your legs above your head. Repeat the procedure several times. Now, lift your feet some 20-30 centimeter above the carpet, and start waving them from side to side, just like a dog waves its tail. In the same time wave your head from side to side exactly in the same fashion, but in the opposite direction. I.e.: when your legs move to the right, your head waves to the left, and vice-versa. Do this several times, and repeat the first exercise. The whole set should take about 5 minutes.

Carrying out this exercise regularly, will enhances the mobility and flexibility of the lower lumbar and sacral vertebrae, thus eliminating stagnation and adhesions - the causes of pain and stiffness.

Treatment - When one suffers from an attack of lumbago, or low back pain, hot olive oil compresses several times a day, usually relieve the pain for some extent. Administering local heat to tender points on the back with a moxa stick, also may benefit. A moxa stick is a cigar made of Mugwort plant wool, that may be bought at any Chinese medicine store. You need to light this stick, and hold it 2-3 Cm above the tender point, until the skin reddens significantly.

Dietary - It is very important to refrain from cold drinks and food while a back pain exists. Refrain from coffee, sour and pungent (spicy) food, alcohol and heavy meals. It is very important to keep your bowels going in that period. Constipation may aggravate the pain due to the inner pressure in the colon.

Acupuncture - For patients who suffer from occasional severe attacks of low back pain, with or without sciatica, direct moxibustion on the most tender acupuncture point on the affected side of the back, will normally terminate the problem. Administration of the direct moxa should be done AFTER needling the point for a few seconds, 7 -10 cones will suffice.

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