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Listed : [2001-10-23, 10:10:29]

By: Shmuel Halevi Ph.D

Acute or chronic diarrhea, or loose stool, may be treated effectively by direct heating of the umbilicus. A moxa stick is held 2-4 cm above the umbilicus, for as much as 10 min.each session, and until the skin is quite reddened. Moxa sticks are cigars made of Mugwort plant, and are used for heating purposes. These may be bought at any Chinese herbal store. Results are usually seen very rapidly, even in chronic cases.

Diarrhea may have various etiologies, and must be diagnosed by an expert Chinese medicine physician. There are cases when the diarrhea is because of food contamination, or an adverse pathogen. In such a case the diarrhea must not be stopped symptomatically, rather be purged in order to evacuate the pathogen. Only thereafter it should be stopped. It is therefore important to make a good differential diagnosis beforehand.

When the diarrhea is a functional one, or a result of cold, or a chronic loose stool due to a weak digestive system, or a sequela of a protracted disease which has cleared off already, this moxa technique is most appropriate, and may be performed at home.

Acupuncture - A good prescription for purging the bowels from pathogens that cause diarrhea, is the following:

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