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How to treat loss of consciousness due to shock syndrome
Listed : [2001-07-06, 10:33:22]

A. Definition

Shocking events, such as hearing disturbing news or having a quarrel with a
spouse, can turn a person's complexion pale leading to loss of consciousness.

B. Cause

An abrupt change of emotions can influence the heart to beat either rapidly
or slowly. Rapid palpitation of the heart is controlled by sympathetic nerves
while slow beating of the heart is controlled by parasympathetic nerves.

Parasympathetic nerves are triggered by:

· Fear

· Disgust

· False accusation

· Other shocking or similar events

Excitation of parasympathetic nervous system causes slower beating of the heart,
which leads to:

1. Decrease of blood supply to major body organs

2. Increase of blood supply to extremities due to increase in size of capillary

3. Cerebral anemia due to oxygen deprivation in brain cells

C. Symptoms

Symptoms of shock syndrome include:

· Pale complexion

· Cold sweat on forehead

· Nausea, urge to vomit

· Loss of consciousness

· In severe cases, patient forms foams around mouth, eyes are rolled,
and tongue is protruded

· Loss of strength in extremities

D. First aid

· First…place the patient supine in a quiet place. Loosen clothing,
lower head, and elevate legs.

· Acupuncture point: Shixuan, Du-25 Suliao.

· Method: Insert needle 1-2 mm to draw blood. Apply pressure on 4th
and 5th fingers of both hands (SJ-3 Zhongzhu, SJ-2 Yemen).

After consciousness is gained, it is recommended to give the patient a small
amount of wine to drink.

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