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Unable to withdraw penis from vagina after sexual intercourse
Listed : [2001-07-06, 04:56:21]

A. Definition:

It is difficult to believe that this is true, but it really occurs! We sometimes
hear on the news or read in tabloid magazines of couples who are transported
to the emergency room due to the inability to withdraw the penis from the vagina
after sexual intercourse. This absurd incident often occurs in immoral relationships.

B. Cause:

Female sex organ disease, called vaginismus, causes inability for male to withdraw
his penis from the vagina. This is due to an excessive thickness of hymen or
a painful spasmic reflex from inflammation or damage to the vaginal wall. Without
any abnormality of sex organs, fear or anxiety also can cause similar effects.
This happens often in immoral relationships due to fear or anxiety.

C. Symptoms:

The inability to withdraw male's sex organ is a major symptom of this disease.
In western medicine, anesthesia helps resolve the symptom. In the past, women
have known to die from this disease.

D. First Aid:

· Acupuncture points: Lu-1 Dadun or Sp-1 Yinbai (left & right)

· Method: Insert needle 1-2 mm to draw blood.

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