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Male experiencing dizziness during sex
Listed : [2001-07-10, 02:39:51]

A. Definition

We sometimes hear of men who have died during sexual activity. According to
several magazines worldwide, the fatality rate during sex is on the rise. Its
possible cause can be a heart attack due to increased stress in the heart. However,
it is typically due to delayed treatment when the symptom initially begins.

B. Cause

Males, 40 years or older, are more prone to experience this type of dizziness
during sex. This symptom is commonly found in hypertensive patients when the
sympathetic nervous system is triggered by sexual activities. Sympathetic nervous
system promotes faster beating of the heart and constriction of capillary vessels.
Blood flow to the brain increases causing cerebral hemorrhage that will result
in compression of cerebral structures by dilated cerebral vessels. Delaying
the treatment of cerebral hemorrhage will result in paralysis or even death.

C. Symptoms

Symptoms occur immediately with an onset of cerebral hemorrhage. They include:

¡¤ Palpitation

¡¤ Spasm of neck muscles

¡¤ Grabbing back of the neck with hands

¡¤ Trembling of body

¡¤ Reddening of face

¡¤ Darkening of eye sight

¡¤ Holding head with hands due to excruciating headache

¡¤ Vomiting

¡¤ Dizziness, losing balance

¡¤ Losing consciousness

First aid is crucial in these situations.

D. First aid

The female partner must act quickly. First, do not panic. Do not waste time
dressing the patient or yourself. Delaying first aid treatment will further
complicate the prognosis of the patient. If no needles are available, use a
pin or a piece of broken glass to draw blood.

¡¤ Elevate the feet and lower the head.

¡¤ Acupuncture points: Hand Twelve Jing-Well point, Shixuan

¡¤ Method: Needle 2mm into the point to draw blood.

¡¤ When symptoms cease, give the patient laxative and massage his extremities.
Give him water if laxative is not available.

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