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OM First Aid
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Excruciating pain around the eyes and behind the head
Listed : [2001-07-23, 12:58:07]
A. Definition

Often, symptoms such as excruciating pain around the eyes, pain behind the head, nausea, and urge to vomit are misdiagnosed with indigestive problems, but these symptoms also are observed with acute glaucoma.

First aid is crucial in this case.

B. Cause

An increase in ocular pressure causes the onset of acute glaucoma. Failure to release lacrimal fluid due to the blockage of lacrimal puncture from the space between iris and pupil will increase the ocular pressure.

C. Symptoms

Following are symptoms of acute glaucoma.
· Megrim.
· Excruciating pain around the eyes.
· Vomiting.
· Nausea.
· Reddening of the eyes.
· Blurring of vision.
· Dilation of the pupils---- possibility of losing eye sights without a prompt treatment one of the characteristics of this disease is seeing a ring of rainbow when the patient looks at a light bulb.

D. First aid

· First…Ask the patient whether he or she can see a ring of rainbow when looking at a light bulb.
· Acupuncture point:L-1 Shangyang,Baxie,Liv-1 Dadun.
· Method: Insert 1-2mm to draw blood. If the symptom continues after the first aid, send the patient to ophthalmologist.
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