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Qpuncture II for Windows

Qpuncture2 - Acupuncture Reference, Study Software
Title Qpuncture II for Windows
Price $299.00
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Click here to watch the Demonstration Video

Qpuncture II for window. is a comprehensive CD-Rom that is useful not only in studying acupuncture,

but also in practicing acupuncture. This CD-Rom contains complete illustrations, clear explanations of acupuncture, herbal medication, and auriculotherapy.

Among acupuncture software company, we are the only company providing free telephone technical support.
The numerous menus offer a wealth of information for both students, and experienced practitioners. Clicking the buttons for muscle, bone, artery and nerve of each acupoint will visualize the anatomical information. 3-D images make it extremely easy to see, and understand the each acupoint. Pain Clinic section has detailed explanations about acupuncture, and herbal medication about diversified diseases.Qpuncture II is an outstanding tool for acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, herbalists, acupressurists, MDs, martialartists, and other oriental medicine practitioners. No wonder this is a must-have software for medical professionals.

Qpuncture II does not include Q Chart.


!! DOWNLOAD DEMO NOW (Click on this text) !! Size: 122MB (125,188KB)

If the link does not work because of your security setting, you can copy the link below to internet explorer. If you cannot copy and paste the link, type the link on the internet explorer. (Must keep the capital)

  1. Download file.
  2. Double click on
  3. You will see Qpuncture2Demo_DISK1 folder.
  4. Open the folder and double click the setup.exe file.
  5. Install Shield will setup Qpuncture2 Demo on your computer.
  6. Qpuncture2 Demo icon will be made on your desktop. Double click the icon will start Qpuncture2 Demo program.

*** In Qpuncture2_Demo, You can taste several sample pictures, illustrations, animations and 3-D views. *** You can not enjoy the full database in search function.***

- Uninstall Qpuncture2 Demo -

If you want to uninstall Qpuncture2 Demo from your computer, please follow the steps below.

  1. Open "Start (Window icon at the left bottom)"->"All Programs"->"Qpuncture2 Demo"
  2. Find Uninstall icon. Click the Uninstall icon to start uninstall the Qpuncture2 Demo.


If you can not download, call or email us.
Phone: 714-685-0900
We can send a demo CD to you.

 System Requirements
  • Qpuncture II for Window

    To use Qpuncture II, you need the following hardware and software:

    - Pentium II 300MHZ processor, or equivalent.
    - Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4.0, 2000, XP, Vista
    - 32 MB Ram.
    - 600 MB of available hard disk space.
    - CD-Rom Drive, mouse, VGA monitor (800 x 600 / 16 bit colors )

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