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Qchart 5.0 Network version (5-User License)

Qchart5 - Acupuncture Practice Management Software
Title Qchart 5.0 Network version (5-User License)
Price $1500.00
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Click here to watch the Demonstration Video
Click here to watch the Demonstration Video (Chinese)

Acupuncture Practice Management Software.

Qchart 5 is a convenient practice-management program with database.

Computer Diagnosis System, Electronic Claim function with New HCFA (CMS1500) form including NPI fields are major new features. Among acupuncture software companies, we are the only company providing 1 year free telephone technical support.
- For Chinese acupuncturists, we put Chinese database including acupoints, clinical application and herbal formulas.

(new): new features added to Qchart 4.0. Plus most of the functions are improved.

  1. Comprehensive Diagnosis System (new)-Simply input symptoms, then comprehensive diagnosis will be given with treatment plan including Acupoint combination and Herbal formula within a second.
  2. Electronic Claims, New HCFA form with NPI fields (new)
    Also New HCFA form can be printed on the blank paper or preprinted form.
    Information of patient chart is automatically populated in the HCFA form
  3. Full color Acupoint images (new)
  4. Treatment plan by disease and by pattern identification (new) - gives you traditional acupuncture point combination and Korean 4 needle technique points and herbal formulas.
  5. In treatment section of chart, you can import acupoints and herbal medication based on client's ailments from recommended treatment plan in Library.
  6. After filling out the information of the Insurance companies and Vendors, the information is automatically saved in patient chart and inventory management.
  7. Billing and Inventory Management are linked to convenient inventory system that calculates and gives reorder comments automatically.
  8. For Appointment form, you can keep record of patients appointment according to each Practitioner
  9. Updated with new 2010 CPT Code and ICD9 Code Edit function of CPT code (including Workers comp code) and ICD-9 code
  10. Report menu gives you patient data for marketing purpose and lets you send emails to the every patient in your clinic by sending an email once and lets you print mailing labels of your patients in order for mailing letters to be sent to the patients.
    Also you can get accounting information such as total income, accounts Receivable, and sales tax for some period and SuperBill History.
  11. New forms such as Diagnosis Intake form, Authorization of disclosure of protected information, Medical History Questionnaire, Patient Confidential Information are added.
  12. It has HCFA Form, Super bill, Progress notes, various reports, and forms that you can print.
    Qchart is a useful tool for practitioners who need a clinic management program.

This download includes fully-functional 30-day trial ware to test on your home PC. Download and try it for yourself.

Request Demo Version of QChart 5 Server - Click Here!
• Operating System: Microsoft Windows only. Qchart is not compatiable with Mac.

Please call or email us for further information or demo-CD.

Phone: 1-800-650-8222, 1-714-685-0900 (outside U.S.)
email :

QChart is a separate program from Qpuncture II.

 System Requirements
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows only.

    • Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or higher), Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
    • Pentium4 2GHz or higher (3GHz or over recommended)
    • 512MB of RAM ( 1GB or more recommended)
    • Hard disk drive with 250MB of free space
    • SVGA(1024 x 768) or higher resolution video adapter and display

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