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Title QDiagnosis
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QDiagnosis is the first diagnosis program for personal computer.

This application contains four sections: Diagnosis, Treatment, Tongue Diagnosis and Pulse diagnosis.
All of them can be accessed by tapping on the appropriate buttons of the startup screen.

After you check the symptoms of the patient in the option button, and click View Diagnosis icon, this program will give you diagnosis right away. And then if you tap on the specific diagnosis, treatment plan including traditional acupoints, Korean 4 needle technique points, and Herbal formula will pop up. We can not guarantee that this diagnosis is 100% correct.
But if you feel difficulty while diagnosing the patients, this program will be a good helper.

In this section, you can see traditional acupoints and Korean 4 needle technique points and Herbal formula for each Zhang Fu diagnosis. You can make your own database by editing the contents.

Tongue Diagnosis:
In this section, you can see tongue pictures and description of tongue diagnosis.

Pulse Diagnosis: You can see 28 Pulse diagnosis diagram and explanation.
If you move scroll bar right hand side, you will be able to see full diagram.

Edit Function - You can edit the diagnosis text.
Search Function - After searching key word, you can see the result and click each line on the list one by one to see the image and text.

Click here to see a Q-Diagnosis for Mac:

Download Demo
Request Demo Version of Q-Diagnosis for Windows - Click Here! download

Screenshots (Click to view larger images)



System Requirements
Computer/Processor Pentium III 500MHz or higher (800MHz or over recommended)
Operating System • Windows 2000(Service Pack 4)
• Windows XP (Service Pack2)
• Windows Vista, 7
Memory 256MB of RAM (512MB or more recommended)
Hard Disk 60MB of free space
Software Microfost .Net Framework 2.0 or higher

 System Requirements

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