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Qpuncture3 for Mac

Qpuncture3 for Mac
Title Qpuncture3 for Mac
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Qpuncture III is a comprehensive CD-Rom that is useful not only in studying acupuncture, but also in practicing acupuncture. It is an outstanding tool for acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, herbalists, acupressurists, MDs, martial artists, and other oriental medicine practitioners. No wonder this is a must-have software for medical professionals.

Functions: Search, Print, Edit/Save, Font Resizing, Fulll Screen, Acupoint Pop up function.

  • Chapter 1: Principle
    • Explains the philosophy and concepts of oriental medicine.
    • Tongue daignosis - about 100 real pictures of tongue and explanation.
    • Pulse diagnosis - detailed explanation for 28 pathological pulses with 28 pulse diagrams.
    • Needling method and measuring method.
    • Diagnosis by Looking, hearing, smelling, asking, feeling, palpation of the channels and acupoints. new
    • Differentiation- 1.Eight principle, 2 Qi ,blood and body fluids 3 Zangfu differentiation 4.Treatment for zangfu patterns 5. Major Zangfu patterns 6. Zangfu Pattern comparison 7. pathogenic factors 8. five elements 9. channels 10. Shang Han Lun 11. Wen Bing Lun 12. Three burners new
    • Moxa, principle of point combination, major points  new

  • Chapter 2: E-Diagnosis  new
    • E-diagnosis is an automatic  diagnosis system generated by computer program. After you input the complaints and symptoms of the patient, E-diagnosis will generate the list of highly possible diagnosis and treatment plan including acupoints and herbal formula.

  • Chapter 3: Acupuncture
    • Shows flow in meridians, 361 acupoints of 14 channel, 40 extra-points - visualization of muscle, bone, artery, nerve of each acupoint, and beautiful 3D - Illustration of acupoints.
    • Master Tung acupuncture-principle, point location, and treatment by disease. new
    • Dui Xue(acu-point pairs), scalp acupuncture ( new)
    • Korean four needle technique, gate opening technique, meridian flow technique, Yin Yang Balancing technique,  five element harmonizing technique  new

  • Chapter 4: Clinical Application
    • Shows acu-points,  tuina and herbal medication for treating diversified diseases.
      Definition, etiology and pathology, pattern identification of each disease.
    • Treatment by zangfu patterns new

  • Chapter 5: Auriculartherapy
    • Shows auricular treatments, surface, hidden and posterior, Master Points and Landmarks, Internal Organ and Neuroendocrine Points, and Musculoskeletal Points

  • Chapter 6: Herbs
    • Single herb- About 800 pictures of 350 herbs, explanation about property, entering channels, what it does, and application.
    • Herbal formulas- 287 herbal formulas new
    • Dui Yao(herb pairs) and the nature and actions of food new

  • Chapter 7: Biomedicine  new

Contents: e-diagnosis, master tung's acupuncture, scalp acupuncture, Korean 4 needle technique, Yin Yang Balancing, Gate opening, meridian flow, five element harmonizing technique, Herbal formula, treatment protocol according to disease and pattern, and Biomedicine.

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Hardware & Software Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Mac only
  • Mac OS 10.5 or higher
  • Hard disk drive with 700MB of free space
  • SVGA(1024 x 768) or higher resolution video adapter and display

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 System Requirements

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