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Pistol Hand Cupping Set

Pistol Hand Cupping Set
Title Pistol Hand Cupping Set
Price $50.00
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1. How it works ?
This set of 17-Suction cups is used for mainly back and shoulder pain relief. The back and shoulder pain generally occurs due to blood clogging. By using the suction cups, blood clogging will be resolved and blood/ Qi flow will return to normal and pain subsides immediately. The powerful effects are felt instantaneously. These effects have been proven for thousands of years of use by both eastern and western worlds.

.2. Who is this for ?
Men and Women experiencing chronic back pain or shoulder stiffness from hard work or stress. For example, Office Workers, Construction workers, Truck drivers, Athletes, and the Elderly,

3.How to use?
Put 4-6 cups on or near the source of pain. and pump the cups with the included hand pump. Allow the cups to remain 2-3 minutes on the source of pain. 4. what is included? High quality 17-cup set (4 different sizes included), Suction hand pump, extension tube and carrying case. Light weight and sturdy cups come in 4 different sizes.

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