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Infrared Mugwort Vaporizor

Infrared Mugwort  Vaporizor
Title Infrared Mugwort Vaporizor
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1. How it works?
After putting water into the reservoir , placing herb on the included tray, turning on the power, and sitting on the container, the steam with the effect of herb and infrared will go up and penetrate into your organs such as womb, bladder and anus. and you can also put your face on the adaptor to moisturize your face. It has several effects for gynecological diseases and facial skin problems. It improves blood circulation. It relieves pain such as menstrual pain, lumbago,and sciatica. It moisturizes facial skin deeply and cures respiratory problems and allergies.

2. Who is this for?
women who have menstrual problems , infertility, leukorrhea,needs for contraction after delivery, facial skin problems such as peckle and acne, and anal problems such as constipation, prostate inflammation, and hemorrhoids.

3.What is included?
One vaporizor with herb tray,seat, facial adaptor, 26 packets of mugwort herb, silicone seat cover,herb container, and measuring cup

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