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Hand Ball Massager

Hand Ball Massager
Title Hand Ball Massager
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Hand Ball Massager

The Hand Ball Massager
is the world's first hand acupuncture produced by the modern science. It was developed with a special design to give the artificial stimulation to the acupoints of the human body to take an advantage of the acupunctural theory. Now, living in the 21st century, we use the more advanced acupuncture by taking the wisdom of the ancient who used to roll tow walnuts in their hands to stimulate the acupoints to relieve their fatigue.

It stimulates the nervous reflecting points spread numerously at both hands and feet. It was also put into the semi-permanent magnet in which the magnetic field of 1,200 Gaus flows. And, the balls contain the bio-ceramic that emitted the original infrared rays. Connecting the two revolving balls doubles its efficiency. It was designed to parallel hand exercise.

A lot of the blood vessels are concentrated in the hands and feet, and many of the reflecting points of the peripheral nervous system as well. Especially on the hands, there are about 20,000 nervous reflecting points. In the oriental medicine, it is said that the hands are the essential parts where the most acupoints concentrate in a high density.

Hands represent all the body from the head to the tip of the feet. They are the core organs with powerful strength elevating the function of the brain. If something goes wrong in the body, some reaction appears on the pressure-ache point of acupoints. Simultaneously, the same reaction appears on the related acupoints of the hands.

Continuous exercise of the hands and feet with the Hand Ball Massager can take precaution against all of the diseases of the internal organ in advance. If stimulation is given to the related acupoints of the hands, the pressure-ache of the body is disappeared. And, the disordered body will get its normal condition. As it stimulates the reflecting points of the peripheral nervous system, it also promotes the metabolism and the blood circulation.

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