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Qpalm Auricular for iPhone

Qpalm Auricular for iPhone
Title Qpalm Auricular for iPhone
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This application contains three sections: Therapy, Zone, and System. All of them can be accessed by tapping on the appropriate buttons of the startup screen. This program is convenient and good reference guide for Auriculotherapy.

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  • Therapy
    • Ear acupoints to treat 96 diseases are illustrated.
    • 96 diseases are categorized by the disorder type. In each disease, there are illustrations to show the auricular acupoints for the specific disease.
  • Zone
    • Surface
    • Hidden
    • Posterior
  • System
    • Master points and Land mark image, explanations of each points and relationship
    • Internal organ and Neuroendocrine points image and relationship
    • Musculoskeletal points image and relationship


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