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Single Herb lecture CD by HB Kim

Single Herb lecture CD by HB Kim
Title Single Herb lecture CD by HB Kim
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HB Kim has been teaching CA license Board preparation class for several years in Southern CA area.

This lecture helps you to prepare the NCCAOM and State Board test. This is 4 hour lecture.
This lecture will be downloaded from the CD-rom to your hard disk.
If you want to see sample lecture, click broadband or dial up according to your internet connection as below.
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  1. You can choose to start from the beginning or resume from the last class.
  2. You can print out the text given in this lecture.
  3. If you click index in the menu, you can see which section you studied and, how many times you watched it.
  4. Also there are 10 questions for each class to check whether you understand the important contents.
  1. Single Herbs Part I: It includes the herbs that release the exterior and herbs that Clear Heat.
  2. Single Herbs Part II: It includes the herbs that Drain Downward, Drain Dampness, Dispel Wind-Dampness, Transform Phlegm and Stop coughing.
  3. Single herb Part III: It includes the herbs that Transform Dampness(aromatic herbs), Relieve Food Stagnation, Regulate the Qi, Regulate the Blood, Warm the Interior and Expel Cold.
  4. Single herb Part IV: It includes the herbs that Tonify, Stabilize and Bind, Calm the Spirit, Open the Orifices, Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremors, Expel parasites, Substances for External use.

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