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How to update?

1. Close Qchart5 program and click the link to start download.
2. Select "Run" to run the Qchart_update. If you use Firefox, open the download folder and double click on Qchart_update.exe file.
3. When downloading is completed, the QChart update program will appear.
4. Select the destination folder to your QChart folder. (Default: C:\Program Files\QChart )
     You can find it by clicking Browse button
5. After selecting the QChart folder, click Install.
6. When it asks you to replace the files, select Yes to All.
7. The windows will disappear if Update program installs all files successfully.

This is Qchart 5.0 Update page. If your version of Qchart is 5.5, please visit following page.

[ Download Update (Click here!) ] * Close Qchart5.0 program before download *

Update Date: 01.03.11
- [+] CMS1500 Exception with a message 'Value' should be between 'MinDate' and 'MaxDate' fixed.

Update Date: 04.16.08
- [+] Changed Billing Format.
- [+] Major changing in Graphic User Interface (GUI) for 'Appointment Scheduling System'
- [+] Automatic email reminder for appointment.
- [+] Improved internal functions.

Update Date: 03.10.08
- [+] Added backup function for attachment files for patients'

Update Date: 11.20.07
- [+] Added Daily printing function on Appointment.
- [+] Added "Product code" on Inventory. (A code for your clinic)
- [+] Added Sort function on Insurance Report

Update Date: 10.04.07
- [+] Multiple SuperBill creating function added at Insurance Billing part
- [+] SuperBill - Deleting function added
- [+] Database Backup - Now user can select the location of backup folder at backup time.
- [!] HCFA Form Resolution fixed. (Some computers use other than normal font size)

Update Date: 08.28.07
- [+] Improved internal functions

Update Date: 06.26.07

- [+] Added Billing history Deleting function
- [+] Added Insurance Saved Item Deleting function
- [+] Added Insurance CMS Form item 24 preference

Update Date: 06.12.07

- [+] Added Tax ID and NPI number field on the SuperBill print form

Update Date: 05.21.07

- [+] New input form for Diagnosis Intake
- [!] Insurance charge amount fixed

 Update Date: 05.02.07

- [+] Added e-Bill Management function
- [+] Added Restore Database function
- [+] Significantly improved initial loading speed
- [!] Internal improvements

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