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Having error - "Admin does not exist"

In certine cases, some users have difficulity in opening Qchart5. This is happening when some file of Windows file has been changed by other program (Ex. Microsoft Office 2000 or Older version).

These program have older version of system file than Windows XP itself. When these program are installed in your system, some files in the Windows system can be changed to older version than Windows itself. Qchart5 uses system files made for Access 2003 version or higher. This version conflict can cause unable to read Qchart5 to read the database.

Choice 1. Download this file from our web-site.
( Click here to download  - Save on your "Desktop" )

1. You need to download file.  Or copy this link to Internet Explorer
2. Save it on the "Desktop" (Do not select “Open” when you save the attached file.)
3. Find the "" and open it from your Desktop
4. Inside the "", there is "mdac.exe" double click it to start the installation.
Once you finish this process, you will be able to open the Qchart5 without any problem.
After installation, delete the 2 files ( and mdac.exe) from your Desktop.

Choice 2. Download this Setup.exe ( Click here to download  )

1. Click provide link or copy this link to Internet Explorer.
2. Either you can select "Open" to install the MDAC support file now or select "Save" to use it lather or copy to other computer.
3. If you select "Open", the setup will install required file for Qchart.
    If you select "Save", find the "mdac.exe" from the folder you've select and run it to install.
4. Once the setup is finished, open Qchart.


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