Screen saver for Windows Vista 64 user.

Because Windows Vista 64-bit saves the program files in the virtual System32 folder, user's can not see Q2Screensaver right after installing the software. To install Q2Screensaver properly on Windows Vista 64-bit computer, there are additional steps need to be done by user.

Step 1. Finish the Q2ScreenSaver installation. If you see "Personalize" menu after installation, close it.

Step 2. Open Computer and open (Local Disk C:) -> (Windows) -> (SysWOW64) accordingly.

Once you open SysWOW64 folder, you can find Q2_ScreenSaver file. (See Image-1)


Step 3.
If you see the Q2_ScreenSaver file, right click on the file. Then you will see pop-up menu to select what you can do with this file. (See Image-2)


Step 4.
Click "Install" to register this screen saver to Windows Vista 64-bit properly.

This is it. Now you can open "Screen Saver" on "Personalize" on "Control Panel" and set Q2Screen Saver as default screensaver for your computer.